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Hemet, CA Sewer Repair Company

When it comes to your need for a sewer repair company in Hemet, CA, Schuelke Plumbing is the name you can trust to get the job done. Our services are timely, professional, and competitively priced so you know that you’re getting the best.

As a locally based business with strong links to our Hemet community, we aim to make the lives of families, business owners and property managers much simpler when your sewers threaten to make them much messier.

Hemet’s trusted sewer repair company

Since our opening in 1978, we’ve provided a full range of residential and commercial plumbing services for the Hemet community. Sewer problems are simply beyond the abilities of the average plumber, so when you need an expert, we’re here to respond.

Customer service is a top priority for our team. For that reason, we ensure that we are available 24/7 for emergencies and offer discounts for all senior clients and military service members. Get the warm, friendly greeting and professional service you deserve by calling us or by leaving your details on our online contact form.

Signs you need a sewer repair professional

Underground as it is, your sewer line is usually quite literally beneath your notice. In fact, many of our clients are surprised to find out that when something goes wrong with the sewers, it’s their responsibility, rather than the city’s. As such, it pays to be aware of when your sewer line is showing the signs that it needs a professional’s touch. Some of the symptoms of a sick sewer include the following:

  • Clogs in the drains
  • Odors, such as waste and gas
  • Leaks in the basement or cellar
  • Moldy bathrooms
  • Your sink, bathtub, and lavatory drain more slowly
  • Overgrown grass
  • Depressions in the lawn
  • More pests than usual

These are all signs that something very wrong could be going on beneath you. Faulty sewer lines can lead to a spread of moisture through the ground, which can lead to serious damp, mold, and water damage problems in the property. They can even affect the foundation of your home. Let us take a look at it and we can inspect any clog, any crack, and any leak. We even provide a video inspection, so not only can we go through the problem together, but you have proof for your insurance claim.

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If you have a sewer that’s acting up, Schuelke Plumbing is precisely the team that can help get it back in line. Give us a call us or use our online contact form and we’ll be glad to lend our assistance as soon as you need it.

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    Why Customers Chose US

    • We’ve served Southern California since 1978

    • We offer financing options to help make repairs affordable

    • We offer free estimates, as well as discounts for seniors and military

    • We are a family owned and operated business

    • We offer 24/7 emergency services

    • We equip every truck with the latest technology